The Adatis Values – No is OK and Listen & Challenge

Our nine company values are super important to us and are at the heart of everything we do at Adatis. To conclude our series of Adatis Value blogs we have two values that go side by side; ‘No is OK’ and ‘Listen and Challenge’.


No is OK

If you feel guilty and uncomfortable saying no at work, you’re not alone. There’s a great misconception that saying yes and always being available, for other people, makes us a better person and it’s hard to say no when someone is asking for your help. You don’t want to tarnish your image or have people question whether you’re a team player. But saying yes to everything isn’t always productive.

Although people may ask for help, everyone knows you have your own job to be getting on with and you only have so much energy and time to spare. Taking on more work that you simply don’t have time to do and cutting your resources too thin isn’t good for anyone. It will lower the standard of your work and more importantly, burn you out, something we don’t believe in doing at Adatis.

It’s absolutely OK to say no to say no to something if it hinders your ability to carry out your normal job or if its something you don’t believe in or disagree with, always speak up.

And it cuts both ways – as an employer, we also know  that it’s ok to say no. We might not be right for you; you might not be right for us. This applies right across our business; you might want the cheapest rather than the best. We might think working with you isn’t the best fit You might not want a job that pushes you every day. You might be brilliant but just not quite right for our team.


Listen and Challenge

Whilst No is OK, yes people definitely aren’t welcome here. This may sound a little extreme, however, we are passionate about learning about our customers’ business, the problems they face and making sure we come up with the right solution to help them.

We always listen our customers and prefer to Work with, Not for to ensure a collaborative approach to a project.   However, after listening to our customers, we usually ask why it’s done that way. If the answer is “because we always have”, we’ll ask again. Just because it’s the way it’s always been done, doesn’t mean that is the right way, the best way or the most productive way.

We love introducing our customers to new ways of doing things and are continuously searching for better, innovative solutions and technologies to use in our projects and make our customers happy.

We also expect our team to do the same of each other. While it is important to respect and listen, you shouldn’t be afraid to challenge their point of view and bring new ideas to the table, this is something we really encourage here at Adatis, after all this is how we learn and continuously improve every day.


We hope you enjoyed our series of value blogs and got to learn a little more about life at Adatis and what’s important to us. If you missed our other blogs check them out below:

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