The Adatis Values – Share & be Transparent

Knowledge is power… or so they say. At Adatis, knowledge is like a hot potato – if you hold on to it yourself for too long you’ll get burned. We take that potato, cover it with butter and cheese and share it out amongst the whole team – delicious! We share knowledge in many different ways from our Half Hour Huddles, to blogging, to speaking at community events.

Half Hour Huddles & Lunch and Learns

Our Half Hour Huddles are just one way that we like to share knowledge. Fridays are our busiest day in the office and often someone will present a half hour huddle on a topic of their choice. We encourage a variety of topics, not just tech, and have had amazing presentations on remote working, going green, International Mother Language Day, Data Modelling in Power BI and Business Consulting. These Half Hour Huddles are great for learning, sharing and all coming together – we are also all treated to a takeaway which makes it even better!

We also have Lunch and Learns, similar to a HHH but slightly more relaxed and often done online during lunchtime. If anyone’s been on a training course lately where they want to share what they’ve learned or anyone has an important update, our lunch and learns are perfect for this.

Community Event & User Groups

Attending events, both large conferences and local user groups is a great way to share and gain knowledge. We sponsor the Surrey Data Platform user group once a month where our Adatis regularly present on new and exciting tech. We also attend and sponsor many conferences such as SQL Bits, Data Scotland and Data Relay.


We actively encourage our Adati to blog and have over 500 blogs on our website! Again, these blogs vary in nature from sharing the latest tech to personal achievements of Adati, our charity work and our company away days!

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Being Transparent

We don’t just share knowledge; our team has access to any information they want to see (that we can legally share) from minutes of the Board meeting to last year’s accounts. It’s important to be transparent in every aspect whether that’s sharing company financial information to giving constructive and honest feedback to employees.


Feedback is really important to us. We regularly send out surveys to find out what we are doing well and where we can be improving, from employee wellbeing to giving the directors personal feedback. We also hold bi-annual appraisals for every Adati where they will receive valuable 360 feedback from a number of the team including the directors. This helps us all become the best we can.

We are all passionate about gaining and sharing knowledge and everyone at Adatis is given time for research and development and the opportunity to undertake training to upskill themselves and their departments.

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“I found Share and be transparent to be a really encouraging value when I first joined Adatis. Everyone made me feel at ease and were more than willing to help me out with any questions and support that I needed” – Jeffin Mathew, Junior Consultant.