The Adatis Rapid Azure Landing Zone Deployment

At Adatis, we have taken our own experiences and aligned those with CAF, by designing and templating Azure Landing Zones which are a good fit for most organisations and be easily extended to meet more specific requirements:

Adatis’ Approach to Rapid Azure Landing Zone Deployment

With the Rapid Azure Landing Zone approach, we can jumpstart your journey to the cloud. Deploying your secure, resilient and governed Landing Zone rapidly, in a matter of days. Reducing some pressure off your IT and infrastructure team and enabling time-critical initiatives that require the deployment of data, applications and solutions in Azure, without compromise.Our modern Managed Service is designed for the cloud and can provide all the essential elements required for the operation and management of an Azure environment. From Landing Zones to business applications. We have a Service Plan that can be tailored to your support requirement.

Azure Landing Zone Cyber Security

Azure Sentinel is a scalable, cloud-native Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Solution which delivers intelligent security analytics and threat intelligence across enterprises. 

Why does cyber security matter?

  • Cyber attacks are disruptive & expensive. GDPR & DPA 2018 can mean significant fines, in addition a company’s reputation can be damaged.
  • Breaches are on the rise as Cybercrime is a profitable business (2018 estimated cybercrime to be worth in excess of $1.5 trillion).

Azure Sentinel