Enterprise-Grade Analytics with Microsoft Power BI.

Accelerate adoption and deepen engagement of user-centric Data Analytics.

Adatis provides an all-encompassing set of services that cover the broad spectrum of advanced analytic capabilities of Power BI, including predictive analytics, data visualizations, R integration, data analysis expressions and data governance.

Data is everywhere. The world contains an astronomical amount of data, an amount that grows larger and larger each day. This vast collection of information has changed the way the world interacts, uncovered breakthroughs in medicine, and revealed new ways to understand trends in business and in our daily lives.

With the increasing availability of data comes new challenges and opportunities as business leaders seek to gain important insights and transform information into actionable and meaningful results


As data becomes more accessible, manipulating vast amounts of available data to drive insights and make business decisions can be a challenge.

Business leaders at every level need to become data literate and be able to understand data and analytical concepts that may have previously seemed out of reach, including statistical methods, machine learning, and data manipulation.

With this spread of data literacy comes the powerful ability to make educated business decisions that rely on the smart use of data, rather than on an individual’s opinions. In the past, these tasks were extremely complex and would be handed off to engineers. With the tools that exist today, business leaders are able to dive into their own analytics and uncover powerful insights. Microsoft Power BI brings advanced analytics to the daily business decision process, allowing users to extract useful knowledge from data to solve business problems.

How Adatis’s Data Analysis Service can help you

To support the need of business leaders, Adatis have distilled a core element of those services into a targeted set of capability accelerators, designed specifically for the needs of organisations today, irrespective of where they are on their data analytics journey. Depending on where your organisation is on your data analytics journey, Adatis can provide support to help accelerate adoption and engagement and ensure your data analytics capability is fit for purpose, starts on the right trajectory and can cater for and support the wider business objectives and challenges.

The Adatis data analytics adoption accelerator is available in four different levels to suit your requirements.