The Adatis Values – Work With, not For

As we have mentioned before, life at Adatis revolves around our 9 company values. The next value we want to showcase is Work with, with not for. This may sound simple, but Work with, not for is a key value for us to ensure that everyone feels part of the team, able to express their opinion and feel like contributions are valued.


We enjoy working with our customers as part of their team – this makes projects more fun, effective and, ultimately, more successful. Our consultants will often be found working on client site (when we can!), building relationships and being there for our customers when needed. This also means we are able to help upskill and pass on knowledge to our customers in person on the solutions we build and implement and provide a smooth transition upon project completion.


In our team, we don’t have an open-door policy, we have a no door policy. The team is involved in every key decision – they came up with these values with us (not for us). We like to keep our company structure as flat as possible and don’t believe in micromanagement. Everyone is part of the Adatis team for a reason and no matter what ‘level’ you are, everyone has important contributions to make and everyone is here to listen.

We also work with each other across different departments and do our bit to help our colleagues wherever we can. This allows employees to learn about different areas of the business and not just their own. This is so important to us that all our graduates rotate through each department to give them an understanding of what each department does and how they work together. Also, a key activity that we encourage all new recruits to do as part of their induction is have a coffee and chat with each of the directors and at least one person from each department so they feel part of the team as quickly as possible.

We don’t have specific desks, all employees including the directors, hot desk. We find hot desking leads to increased collaboration, greater circulation of knowledge and generally creates a more social culture and gets people communicating who may not otherwise have the chance to!

We truly believe that working together in this way is the key to success and building long standing customer relationships.

‘Working with and not for is a great value.  It gives the ability to share and learn from your own and others knowledge and experiences, this enables great delivery of projects and solutions over a broad range of Industries’ Jamie Pullinger – Managed Services Consultant

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