Data Use Cases in Retail & Consumer Goods




clothes folded up on a shelf

An iconic online fashion retailer boosts retail analytics capability with new tools for Azure SQL Data Warehouse

This retailer was operating an on-premises data warehouse, but as the company grew, the data warehouse was reaching its limits. A strategic move to Azure was already underway and Adatis worked with the retailer to provide tools for Azure SQL Data Warehouse that enable the retailer’s developers to get datasets ready for analysis in a matter of days.

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a high street of shops

White Paper: Regaining Loyalty in Retail

After several years of falling profits and high profile store closures, channel shift is still proving a difficult challenge for physical retail – and that’s reflected in the almost 51,000 shops that stand empty across the UK’s high streets. As customers go in search of wider product ranges at lower prices and easier shopping experiences, they’re increasingly finding that online retail is the most reliable source.

To regain loyalty, retailers must get smarter with their data.

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a rail full of clothes in a retail store

The Adatis Approach: Retail

Retail is experiencing some tough times, particularly on the high street. Sky-high consumer expectations, rising costs, cautious spending and intense competition from online-only brands mean retailers can’t afford to continue with ‘business as usual’.

Both online and offline, retail brands must take a close look at their operations and their customers, and find ways to stay relevant, desirable and profitable.

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