The benefits of Microsoft Fabric

Microsoft Fabric offers multiple benefits for organisations looking to consolidate analytic workloads:

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How we can help

Whether your organisation is just beginning its data maturity journey, or it is looking to further elevate its AI practices, our expert consultants can support you in building a data roadmap that drives business value.

We help organisations uncover and articulate the use-cases that will make the biggest impact on their objectives, by harnessing the right technology at the right time. Our Microsoft Fabric Consultancy can enable you to design and build an architecture that delivers for your organisation now, and in the future.

Our Solution Architects will help you to answer questions such as: 

  • I have an existing data platform – should I explore Microsoft Fabric? 
  • How do I retain my data platform investment while leveraging the benefits of this new solution? 
  • What Fabric use-case would be most applicable for my organisation? 
  • How do I establish data governance and cost management on Microsoft Fabric? 
  • How does Fabric help my organisation’s Power BI user community?

The diagram below illustrates the various experiences available within Microsoft Fabric: 

Microsoft Fabric Consultancy

Our Data & AI Framework is Microsoft Fabric Ready

Accelerate the delivery of cloud data and ai platforms

Adatis had been deploying its Data & AI framework to accelerate the delivery of clients’ data platform solutions since 2006. The framework is being continually refined to deliver engineering excellence and security, with the latest iteration fully Microsoft Fabric Ready.