Adatis Rapid Azure Data Analytics Deployment

Adatis Rapid Azure Data Analytics Deployment solution enables organisations to:

  • Deploy a secure Azure based platform
  • Ingest data from multiple on-premise and cloud sources
  • Explore and start querying data to uncover actionable insight
  • Enable Data scientists to build Proof of Concepts and models
  • Visualise data in clear reports in PowerBI which can be shared internally and externally

How can Adatis Rapid Azure Data Analytics Deployment Solution help your team? 

  • Data Engineers can explore the lake, transform and prepare data using this service, and simplify their data transformation pipelines.
  • Data Scientists can build a proof of concept in minutes and easily create or adjust end-to-end solutions. Provision resources as needed or simply query existing resources on demand across massive amounts of data.
  • Data Analysts can explore data created by Data Scientists or Data Engineers using familiar languages or their favourite tools.
  • BI Professionals can securely access data and quickly create and consume reports on top of data.
  • Data & IT Operations workload won’t need to increase with our Software-as-a-Service approach and the option to wrap with our purpose designed managed-service.

Rapid Azure Data Analytics Deployment for Industries