Our Approach



Placing a heavy emphasis on empowering middle management and senior management to lead change in the business. We do this by supplying leaders with relevant and timely information during the entire project lifecycle and help predict employee reactions to proactively arm leaders with successful mitigation strategies


Managing and tracking individual transitions by pushing impacted stakeholders along the change curves by building awareness, highlighting the changes that are coming and providing relevant and timely training


We achieve this by: 

  • Aligning change interventions to business strategy. Business strategy drives the scope of the business transformation; the success of organisational change management process is directly related to employee’s ability to commit to the business’ objectives
  • Demonstrating the need for change. Developing a clear and compelling rationale for change that is rooted in current pain points and painting a vision for the future instils confidence and support in the solution
  • Developing stakeholder buy-in. Stakeholder buy-in and comprehensive communication planning are critical for an organisation to withstand, accept, and embrace changes in the process and solution rollout
  • Working within the organisations culture. Ability to deliver an effective change program is impacted by the organisation’s culture; it is essential to design a programme that takes into consideration cultural norms and understand where culture influences resistance

Benefits of Change Management


the adatis business chanage management approach