Why do Organisations need to invest in Artificial Intelligence for data analytics?

  • Organisations are generating much greater volumes of structured data than ever before.
  • Big data technologies are enabling organisations to capture this data and to process it in a meaningful way to address real business problems.
  • Machine learning is enabling organisations to perform massive computational exercises on these data sets in order to uncover hidden trends and patterns.
  • Data scientists work at the convergence point between these advances and are concerned with harnessing their combined potential to deliver new and unexpected insights that revolutionise business decision making.

Our Approach

Output and Next Steps

The Artificial Intelligence POC for data analytics will provide you with an insight into the potential of AI for your organisation along with the confidence that you can begin your AI journey and realise measurable benefits in the short term.

The output of the AI POC will be a findings report containing:

      • An overview of the high-level candidate solution (or solutions) identified in the envisioning workshop.
      • For the candidate solution chosen for POC:

– Key findings of the POC (including conformation that suitable data exists to make the model viable and an interpretation of the model outputs, including its accuracy).

– A summary of the next steps (including estimates of time and cost), in order to proceed with the implementation and ongoing management of the model.

– An evaluation of the challenges the potential solution might address and the benefits it might provide.