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Data Storytelling

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5-Day Methodology:

Engaging reports which track KPIs that are directly linked to business objectives, assisting the decision-making process.

The Data Storytelling methodology ensures that the right questions and processes are used to prevent all the common challenges.

Through this three-phase methodology, the reports will provide a true purpose, clear narrative, aesthetic visuals as well as high usage and adoption across the organisation.

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Performance Optimisation

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Power BI Performance Optimisation & Best Practice

3-Day Assessment:
Provides recommendations for your Power BI reports & applies the necessary performance and best practice changes on a single report.

Performance is one of the major factors that influences the adoption rate, as nothing kills the adoption of Power BI more than Power BI itself distributing incorrect information or displaying slow performance to the business.

Adatis investigates all the core components of Power BI: Power Query, Power Pivot & Power View, to ensure alignment to high performance and best-practice.

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Rollout & Governance

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5-Day Assessment:
Provides a comprehensive recommendations document put together by Power BI Consultants for delivering a Governance Model & Rollout Strategy

Organisations are facing some challenges when looking to deliver a governed, single version of the truth that offers genuine assistance in the decision-making process.

Adatis provides a framework that incorporates all the key elements of technology, process, and people. This framework is tailored to your organisations’ needs for providing a successful Power BI rollout plan and reducing all the common issues from arising.

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Power BI Training Personas

Power BI Training

Adatis offer multiple training modules for delivering in-depth information from our Power BI Consultants in all areas that are required to get your organization using Power BI successfully. Each of our training modules have been meticulously planned by our Power BI specialists and specifically designed around the four Power BI personas.

Providing training around the four Power BI personas:

  • Power BI Admin
  • Dataset Designer
  • Report Author
  • Report Consumer

Ensures the right amount of focus and time is given around the areas that are most relevant to your user’s roles and responsibilities. Drawing from previous experience we understand that each persona requires a set of skills different from the other.

We understand that too many slides result in disengaged audiences and we are all about collaboration. Our training sessions are always as interactive as possible and hands-on as we find this results in the audience genuinely understanding the content being delivered, asking questions and more importantly, having fun!

Each session has been pre planned specifically to deliver the core concepts and capabilities using a standard dataset. If requested, Adatis can further customize any of the training modules depending on the client’s needs and requirements. This includes deep diving on selected modules, conducting training with a bespoke dataset or designing dedicated content such as documentation and videos for your users.

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