Why Perform a Data Warehouse Health Check

Our Approach

The assessment is focused on two key areas – a business review and a technical review. This is followed by a consolidated set of findings, implications, and recommendations.

Adatis Data Warehouse Health Check Outcomes

      • A consolidated set of findings
      • Implications of the findings, stating the “so what?”
      • Recommendations in the form of a health check status report
      • Quick-win identification where relevant
      • Cost efficiency identification where relevant
      • High-level improvement opportunity roadmap

Types of Data Warehouse Health Check

Meet your exact requirements with a 3 , 5, or 10 day engagement:

3 Day Health Check

1. A technical review of the database, integration, dimensional design, and abstraction and reporting layer components.

2. A scope spanning two subject matter areas.

3. A data warehouse platform cost review.

4. A findings report.

5 Day Health Check

1. All the three-day items.

2. A business review.

3. A security review.

4. One additional subject matter area (three in total).

5. Source code management review.

10 Day Health Check

1. All the five-day items.

2. One additional subject matter area (four in total).

3. A user adoption review.

4. A data privacy review.

5. An improvement opportunity roadmap.