The Adatis Values – People First

Adatis People First Value

Life at Adatis revolves around our 9 company values. These values help us to ensure that all employees, no matter their job role or department, are working towards the same common goal and share a bigger purpose.

We haven’t just picked values that sound good and tried to fit them into our way of working. Truth be told, when Adatis was first founded, we hadn’t even thought about our values. Our values have been discovered along Adatis’s journey which makes them authentic to our company and our employees.

We want to share our values with you, why they’re important and how we make sure we live by them every day- we have even persuaded some Adati to tell you about their favourite value and why it’s important to them throughout this series of blogs.


Value #1: People First

It’s not rocket science – we believe a happy team is a productive team. We take that a step further – we actively aim to be the best company to work for in our sector.

We know that any company can claim they care about their people, but here at Adatis we back this up with actions. From giving our employees their birthday off to organising whole company away days, to putting in individual plans for employees to work on their career development, we’re always making sure we’re putting our people first.

Our Away days are an important part of our culture and relate closely to this value. We promote collaborative working with our customers, which means our consultants spend most of their time on customer site. Our Team away days are a perfect opportunity to get everyone together, catch up, hear from the directors and do some (usually high competitive!) team building activities,  our away days range from Total Wipeout in Surrey to white water rafting in Bulgaria to chocolate making at the Museum of London! We recognise that our employees work hard and deserve to be rewarded and these days are the perfect mix of team building and fun!

Our priority at Adatis is to make sure our people are challenged and happy so that they, hopefully, never want to never leave. Therefore career development and our employees’ growth are hugely important to us. Every employee no matter their job role or department is given a mentor from the moment they start with us to help guide them through their Adatis journey setting achievable yet challenging goals and objectives to get them to wherever they want to be. We have Adati that started as undergrad’s and are now running their own departments!

We are striving every day to be the best workplace for our people which in return allows them to deliver excellent service to our customers.

Photos from Adatis Away Days

Testimonial from Scott Hudson on why People First his his favourite value