Data analytics is more relevant in today’s business than ever, but traditional data warehouse platforms are evolving. The demands placed on analytics platforms are to provide both the traditional, structured, standardised BI and to support new ways of analysing data based on agility, supporting rapid change and semi/unstructured data. Alongside this the use of Machine Learning and AI was once a niche area but has rapidly shown value in more traditional businesses. Ever more businesses are looking to flexible and adaptable cloud-based platforms to deliver services to support this new form of advanced analytics, with increasing levels of demand.


One of the market leaders in this space is Microsoft with their Azure Cloud service offering along with their established BI capabilities based on SQL Server. They offer an ever-evolving range of technologies that support these flexible requirements, including a host of storage, data ingestion and analytics technologies. However, many of these technologies are still emerging and all are constantly evolving, with the data analytics capability of Azure and SQL Server also slowly converging. In fact, the breadth of technology to deliver a modern data analytics platform can be surprising. And it is not just the technology that is changing. With the expanding data landscape, the demand for data analytics is only growing. Alongside a need to be able to adapt rapidly, for businesses that are looking to harness the potential. All these elements intensify the challenge to not only operate such a platform but to also evolve it for full exploitation and competitive advantage.


The Adatis Managed Service is built on a foundation of comprehensive ITIL aligned service management customised to the needs of data analytics platforms. Specialist services include regular assessment and maintenance of the efficiency of data processing flow, analytical database administration, analytics maintenance such as data science model re-training and visualisation updates, and advice and guidance on new features in Azure Data Platform, Power BI and SQL Server BI capabilities. Tailored for the efficient operation and effective evolution of your data analytics platform. We have Service Plans to provide guidance on the complete catalogue of services we deliver. Based around an Essential, Established and Enterprise model, these ensure the service we provide evolves with your business and platform. Each plan can be customised with several add-on services based on a flexible Call-Off Unit approach. In additional Service Plan Packages can be configured to incorporate Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) services including Azure, Office 365 & Power BI provisioning and management.

Our Service.

Adatis provides a specialist and modern Managed Service focused on the efficient operation and effective evolution of your data analytics platform. The dedicated Adatis Managed Services team integrated across the UK and Bulgaria are experts in the Microsoft SQL Server BI capabilities, Power BI, and Azure Data Platform covering both Data Analytics and Cloud Infrastructure.

The comprehensive Managed Service is a tailored service, designed, transitioned and operated based on need. Including proactive monitoring & maintenance, 24|7 Service Desk and operations for those critical applications.

A commitment to Continual Improvement, consideration of supportability at every step and adoption of DevOps methods ensure the service evolves with your operation and business to maximise value.