Why does Cyber Security Matter? 

  • Breaches are on the rise as Cybercrime is a profitable business. In 2021, it was reported that every 11 seconds, a business was to become a victim of a ransomware attack
  • Cyber attacks are disruptive & expensive. GDPR & DPA 2018 can mean significant fines, in addition a company’s reputation can be damaged. In 2021, Cybercrime cost the world over $6 trillion annually
  • Cyber Risk is at the heart of digital transformation, the new ear requires a “Cyber Everywhere” mentality.
  • Cyber attackers are sophisticated and well funded with political, ethical or social incentives

Cyber Security Use Case Methodology

The Adatis Cyber-Security Use Case methodology maps specific business challenges and compliance requirements, for which you have exposure, to our best practice library

How can Adatis help?

By adopting the Adatis Use Case approach we can help you: