Specialist Functionality Includes

Why use the Adatis Framework for your Application Integration?

  • Proven: we’ve built and refined the framework over years of working with companies on their transformation initiatives
  • Multi-purpose: Whether it’s for point-to-point applications or two-way integration, our framework can help you migrate and integrate your data and systems with ease. It brings expertise and scale to any project, from onetime migrations to ongoing integration work
  • Time-saving: by offering a single reference architecture for application integration and data migration, it means you don’t have to create your own architecture for either type of project
  • Cost-effective: Rather than building out dedicated internal capability that’s too expensive, resource-heavy and specialised to keep at scale long-term, our support adds instant extra resource to your team, exactly when you need it. That way, you always have the right level of capability for the project, without worrying about under- or over-provisioning
  • Supportable: the stability and reusability provided by the framework with its years of refinement, deliver a solution that is inherently supportable, whether operated internally or by our own specialist Managed Services team

Applicable Integration Projects

The framework can slash the time and cost of integration and migration projects in many scenarios

      • Consolidating a large application portfolio
      • Integrating back-end systems with new applications
      • Replacing a legacy system – on-premises or in the cloud
      • Running a legacy application in parallel with a new solution
      • Bringing together multiple infrastructures after mergers and acquisitions
      • Starting a new ecosystem from scratch after a demerger