Why a Solution Envisioning Workshop

New technologies are exciting and it’s easy to jump headlong into using these.

Adatis realise that technology is not a silver bullet but is an essential enabler helping us address the business challenges we face.

We like to start with the end in mind to ensure that organisations recognise real business value from the technologies they invest in.

Benefits of data analysis planning:

  • Business driven, technology enabled
  • Aligned to organisational objectives
  • Benefits realisation aligned
  • Cross-functional collaboration


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Our Approach

One Day Envisioning Workshop – Outputs and Next Steps

The outputs of the facilitated workshop will be a document containing:

  • A candidate solution (or solutions) identified in the workshop
  • The challenges the potential solution might address
  • The benefits of the identified solution (or solutions)
  • The next steps in order to proceed with the specification and build of a proof of concept or pilot solution