Power View in SQL Server 2012 RTM

Power View has been given a couple of small changes from RC0 to the RTM release:

Firstly, you can now choose the colour of the various visualisations via the Themes section, which you’ll find on the new Styles ribbon tab:


This will allow you to change the colour for a slicer, table or card, whereas for a chart it will set the palette that gets used for the chart series. Surprisingly it seems to set the theme globally, rather than allowing you to set the colour/palette for a single object:


The other change that I’ve noticed is that the Card visualisation now has a Style option on the ribbon:


This allows the cards to be displayed without normal coloured background, with a much larger font. So potentially useful for highlighting key numeric facts:


I do really like Power View, in particular the clean look & feel, fast performance, export to PowerPoint and animations to name a few. However, even though RC0 added a lot of new features, I think it’s still missing some of the functionality offered by other reporting tools. I know that it’s marketed as a data visualisation tool rather than a reporting tool, but those lines will become a bit blurred for users. This is where Connect comes in…

One connect suggestion that I’ve created is to allow drill down in Power View charts. If you’ve used Power View to perhaps spot a trend or spike in the data, then it makes sense for you to manipulate the view to find the root cause, which I think drill down would help with. Other suggestions that I think would be useful are heat maps and allowing Power View to access multidimensional models. Please vote on Connect if you agree!

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