Power View Default Field Set

Here’s another quick tip when creating data models for use with Power View – Default Field Sets can be created in both Tabular SSAS and PowerPivot that give the user a shortcut for automatically adding multiple fields to a report.

As an example, here’s a screenshot of the Default Field Set in PowerPivot – this will tell Power view that the following fields should be automatically selected when the table is added to a Power View report:

Default Field Set for blog

I’d seen this in the documentation a while back, but hadn’t actually used it, nor could I see a way to select the table. In fact, although there’s no checkbox, it’s just a simple single click on the actual table name, as I’ve highlighted below:


When you click on the table name Product above, you will now get the following fields automatically added to a table visualisation:


So not exactly rocket science, but worth doing! Here’s how to set up the Default Field set for PowerPivot and Tabular Analysis Services.