The Adatis Maturity Assessment Framework

Today’s data environments have become extremely complex. Many organisations are therefore always looking for ways to simplify these environments and to ensure they get the most value from their data.

As a key decision-maker, influencer, or data strategist in your organisation, how should you be going about this? Like anything, it is important to understand where you are, what good looks like, and what you need to do to get to that good place.

Adatis’ Data Maturity Assessment offering is a framework that allows organisations to understand the level of their current data maturity as well as what their future maturity might look. This is important because understanding your currently level of data maturity will:

  • Assist in identifying, mitigating, and managing risk, associated not only with your data but more broadly within your organisation
  • Allow you to create a benchmark and determine your relative level of maturity
  • Help you plan and prioritise data improvement opportunities
  • Support initiatives to unlock more value from your organisation’s data

Our approach covers several data-rated domains, specifically:

  • General Data Governance
  • Architecture
  • Data Quality
  • Security and Compliance
  • Storage and Operations
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Metadata
  • Organisational aspects
  • Reference and Master Data


Through a series of workshops, interviews, questionnaires, and data analysis a maturity score is determined for each of these domains. The scores then have context so that your organisation can understand the type of capability that exists and what that capability might look like, should progress be made in the specific domain.

A set of findings, implications, and recommendation are made with the recommendations being provided in the form of a prioritised improvement roadmap. Finally, the raw data is shared in the form of an analysis model that allows you to view the domain maturity across functional areas of the business.

The Adatis Data Maturity Assessment Framework is a valuable exercise for organisations to undertake, to facilitate the following outcomes:

  1. Improved risk management by ensuring that data can support regulatory and compliance requirements
  2. Identification of improvement initiatives to grow data maturity and standards
  3. Improved data management to better support performance measurement
  4. An ability to understand the data standard, relative to other functional areas, or other group companies (where applicable) 

Find out more information read our full Adatis Data Maturity Fact Sheet here or contact us.