Providing Careers at Adatis

At Adatis, we believe in developing and training our employees which aligns with 2 of our core values – Space to Innovateand Share and be Transparent. However, we don’t stop there. Adatis not only invests in and develops our internal team, but we are also very eager to bring in the next generation of data analysts, data engineers and data scientists.

So, how do we do this?

Well, we do this by offering one-year placements to undergraduates and one-week work experience placements for school and college students. We also work with local schools encouraging their Year 8 students to choose STEM subjects and showcasing some of the amazing job opportunities there are in tech.

Work Placements
In February 2020, we had Nathan join us for his one-week work experience where he spent five days working with Adatis. Our amazing People team (also known as HR in other organisations) put together a detailed and structured schedule for Nathan, so he had the opportunity to work alongside several of our departments including; the Project Management Office (PMO), Marketing, Sales, Business Consulting, People, Finance, Managed Services and Delivery. At the end of his placement, we gathered feedback from the team and Nathan as we genuinely believe that feedback is essential in growth – both for the company and the student.

Sophie Marshall, our Head of Marketing, said: “Nathan was enthusiastic, hard-working and did a great job during the time he spent with the marketing team. He did a great job helping us with a couple of tasks associated with an upcoming event, got everything done quickly and to a high standard. He fit into the Adatis team well- he’s welcome back anytime.”

We asked Nathan which department he liked most, and he said: “I mainly enjoyed the People and Marketing team. I liked that I was able to go into the People meeting and also enjoyed doing the role-play of the interview with Tas. In regard to marketing, I enjoyed getting an intro to marketing and how the team interacts with every other department within the company”.

Undergraduate Placements
When our placement students join Adatis, we have a clear and structured onboarding plan for them. In their first few weeks, we do a round-robin where the Undergraduate spends time in each of the departments at Adatis in the hopes to gain useful insight on how each department helps supports the businesses functions. The People team have also created a guide for our undergraduates (and graduates) to utilise while they’re settling which includes what their first couple of weeks will entail, internal training events, training links and some practical work for them to get their hands on.

All but one of our undergraduate placements have come back to Adatis after completing their university degree successfully – which we are proud of!

Alex Kordabacheh, who was our 2017 Undergraduate placement, said: “My placement year at Adatis was a truly rewarding experience which was made even better by the great company culture. I got to work across multiple real-world projects with different clients throughout the year alongside the best people in the industry. I developed not only my technical skill-set but my personal skills too, thanks to the great training and support provided by the Adatis team. I strongly encourage anyone who is looking to apply!”

So, the big question is, why do we do this?

For the students, the main aim of work experience and placements is to give them the opportunity to enhance their skills, create connections, learn from experts and familiarise themselves with the office environment. For Adatis, it gives us the chance to show these students what a great company looks like and instil in them the type of company they should be looking for in the future (if they don’t come back to us, that is!).

At Adatis, we believe real-life experience is invaluable when it comes to practical learning. This is why we offer work experience and undergraduate placements; to ensure students have the opportunity to get hands-on experience, learn from our awesome team and help students find their dream jobs!

If you would like to find out more about Adatis or chat with our People team about upcoming work experience and undergraduate opportunities, please contact us on

*Space to Innovate – Everyone at Adatis (not just the geeks) gets time to spend on R&D.  This means that our customers get the benefit of the latest technology and our team get to do lots of the innovative stuff they love – everyone’s a winner!
*Share and be Transparent – Knowledge is power… or so they say. Our Build days, Hackathons and brown bag lunches are an essential part of life at Adatis. And we don’t just share knowledge, our team has access to any information they want to see (that we can legally share) from minutes of the board meeting to last year’s accounts.

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