Careers at Adatis – Meet our Marketing Intern

At Adatis, we strive to be the organisation most admired for its people and culture. A number of Adatis’ core values including ‘Learn. Innovate. Grow’ and ‘People First’ are evidenced by how we prioritise mentoring and giving our employees the space to learn and develop in their careers. Adatis also values supporting young people who are at the beginning of their tech career journeys; taking on graduate and junior level Adati across our delivery and non-technical teams.

In this blog post, hear from our recent starter: Millie Brown, who joins us as a Marketing Intern for the 2023 summer period, as she discusses her experience completing an internship at Adatis.

Tell us about your previous experience before starting your internship at Adatis

In May 2023 I finished my undergraduate degree in BA Hons Event Management with a focus in marketing, at the University of Winchester. Whilst I undertook a marketing and communications part-time placement in my final year of study, I still felt I needed a role to bridge the gap between graduating and entering a full-time marketing executive position. My internship at Adatis has been an excellent opportunity to put my theory learnt at university into practice, as well as develop my professional social skills within an office environment.

How does Adatis support young people who are at the beginning of their tech careers?

Prior to starting at Adatis, I was nervous to enter a role in the tech industry because of how rapidly it is evolving. However, my manager and HR organised a number of introductory sessions with the heads of each practice, allowing me to gain an understanding of the fundamental part each area plays in the business as a whole. This exposure to different departments and data practices has also meant I haven’t been limited to socialising with my own team, I have been able to network with and learn from individuals working in entirely different areas of the company and gain an understanding of how marketing works with all areas of a business.

What are some of Adatis’ core values, and how do they demonstrate their commitment to career development?

One aspect of Adatis which has been clear since my first day is the strong organisational culture. Despite being an intern, I have always been treated as an adult equal to every other member of the business. The ‘work with not for’ core value has also meant I feel comfortable speaking to and collaborating with all my colleagues, including managers and directors. As a result, I have seen my confidence growing week-on-week from both a personal and professional perspective.

In relation to career development, there is plenty of opportunity for me to learn new skills and get stuck into numerous tasks and projects. This includes copywriting, multimedia designing, event planning and website management. As a recent graduate, obtaining experience within these areas is vital for my employability in marketing due to the competition within this industry and the requirements of employers. So far, my favourite project that I’ve worked on has been planning for our upcoming workshops, in particular, designing webpages for this campaign.

Lastly, I want to express my gratitude to Adatis for giving me the opportunity to learn and grow whilst undertaking an internship with them this summer. I’m excited to continue developing my skills in this role over the next few months and learn from the incredibly skilled and talented individuals in the team.

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