My First 3 Months at Adatis

I’ve had the pleasure of working for Adatis for just over three months and wanted to share my journey of transitioning from university into full-time employment. Just to give some background into myself, I started university in 2015 in BSc Business Information Systems, finished university in 2019 and joined Adatis as a Graduate Data Analytics Consultant.

Starting off with the whole on-boarding progress, I have to say it was brilliant! When applying at Adatis, I received an email from a member of the people team to confirm that they had received my application and that the team were keen to get to know more about me. The first stage was an informal chat with a member of the people team along with some technical questions from a consultant about Data Warehousing, PowerBI, SQL etc. After having a chat, they progressed the application on to a F2F interview stage, which consisted of a logical test, an interview with two consultants, followed by a presentation.

I had been in regular contact with a member of the people team updating me with the progress of my application which I found very reassuring as I could ask any questions that I had. The day after my interview, I received a call from Adatis, giving me the good news (made my day!).

As part of the on-boarding, I had received a ‘goodies’ box with an Adatis water bottle, a history book on Adatis along with some awesome photos of the away days that have been hosted, lanyard, technical book and an Adatis Jacket.

My first day was on a Friday, and I initially thought it was an odd day to start. I mean Friday, the last day of the week, sounds strange right? However, after completing my first day and then having the weekend to relax and digest everything was good. My first day was spent meeting the team while trying to remember the names (the Adatis book helped with this massively) and getting the resources needed. I was spoilt by given my very own reserved parking spot (just for the first day) and being able to start at 10 am. As well as meeting the team, I had an opportunity to sit down with my mentor, have a chat about what the next couple of weeks holds and getting a chance to clear any questions etc. Also, lunch was organised with the directors, a casual chat and discussion about me as well as Adatis. To finish off the day, I had a game of pool (definitely need to up my skills) and finished at 4 pm.

As part of the on-boarding process, I also completed a departmental rotation programme across Finance, PMO, People Team (HR) and Managed Services. This gave me insight into the different functions at Adatis and how we operate outside the consultancy and delivery teams. During my time in each of the departments, I was given a variety of tasks to complete. So, for the Finance and PMO team, I generated a variety of reports such as looking at project budgets and expenses, which also allowed me to get my first-hands on experience working with PowerBI. For the People Team, I researched and gave recommendations on a new employee screening supplier, pulled together reading lists and activities for new graduates and juniors who will be joining in the future. Managed Services was the last rotation which consisted of looking at some categories for the online ticketing system, looking at issues with PowerBI reports. These were some of the activities and tasks I completed during my time within the different departments.

My first month consisted of a lot of research into the technologies we use within the company, especially since a lot of this is cutting-edge, which I was not exposed to at university. Azure and SQL was a fundamental aspect of learning the technologies used within Adatis, even if the foundation of SQL was learned during my time at university.

I undertook a lot of research in the process of Data Warehousing which was suggested by a colleague to gain a better understanding of the overall process. A task of processing a CSV file through a data warehousing process was given to me as a result of this. This was an incredibly helpful way of learning a significant part of being a data analytics consultant, specially looking into the STAR schema as well as the Data Warehousing.

Since joining Adatis, I have learned so much in terms of the technologies we use and familiarising myself with them. This experience for me proves that learning practically is a much better path in attaining the skill required. This, along with helpful colleagues who are always making sure that I am doing the right tasks will be beneficial going forward and always willing to help with any questions that I had.

It won’t be possible for me to end this blog without mentioning how amazing the people I work with are. When I started at Adatis, they made me feel so welcomed and a part of the team. They are always advising how I can progress and in general, provide a lot of support (which was definitely needed) when trying to grasp the technologies and processes we use at Adatis. It is clear to say that I have made some incredible friends too.