The Adatis Rapid Analytics Deployment Service

Adatis are here to support organisations and provide the tools and data they need to reimagine their business as they start to look to the future.  Data has always been at the heart of organisational change and is more pertinent now, than ever.

To jump start that support, Adatis are pleased to announce our Rapid Analytics Deployment Service.  This service simplifies data ingestion, preparation and visualisation, enabling organisations to go from zero to hero in weeks, rather than months and can help accelerate your Data Analytics and Visualisation strategy.  That can be through tactical hypothesis testing, prototyping or more formal data set curation  Whatever your goal, it has you covered.

The service opens myriad opportunities, for example:

Data discovery and exploration

Quickly reason about the data in various formats in your own data lake, so you can plan how to extract insights from it.

The logical data warehouse

Provide a relational abstraction on top of raw or disparate data, allowing an always up-to-date view of your data.

Data preparation

Simple, scalable, and performant way to transform data in the lake so it can be fed to Power BI and other tools or loaded into a relational database.

Architecturally, it’s simple.  Ingest, Prepare and Visualise your data.

Adatis Rapid Analytics Deployment Service
Figure 1 Adatis Rapid Analytics Service Architecture

Above and beyond the technical aspects the service also provides:

Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) Aligned Azure Landing Zone

Benefit from our experience in ensuring your cloud-based environment is setup with Security, Resilience and Governance in mind from the outset.

Our, also independent, Azure Landing Zone Engagement can be tailored for a myriad of other different Azure workloads ensuring your cloud estate is consistent and aligned to Microsoft best-practice.

Access to Microsoft Certified Data Analytics Consultants

Whether you need expert data architectural advice, skilled data visualisers/story tellers or additional capacity or to see you through seasonal spikes, the service provides access to a range of people, with a variety of skills, to enable you to get more done, faster whilst also sharing our knowledge and approach to help develop and train your own internal teams

Extensible Data Connectivity

The Adatis Ingestion Service is extensible to enable you to ingest data from those obscure and difficult to reach data sources that exist within, and outside, your organisation.  Our pro-active operational support will ensure the data connectivity is maintained to safeguard against stale data.

Downstream Data Integration

The final resting place for data is not always a report or some data visualisation story.  Often, data is required to feed downstream systems that may support a business process, provide an automated feedback loop or for contractual obligations with suppliers, partners and customers.  The service provisions for this interconnectivity providing the end-to end flow of data.

Proactive monitoring, support and optimisation

Ensuring the service is functional and fully operational, optimised and tailored for the unique requirements of each organisation with regular monitoring, reporting and service reviews to help promote and facilitate success.

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