Enabling councils to unlock value and insight from their data to help combat COVID-19

Adatis understand that local and regional councils are pivoting as fast as they can to address the challenges being bought on by the coronavirus (COVID-19).

To help fight this pandemic, local and regional councils need to uncover patterns, correlations and other actionable insights from the data to streamline services, ensure public safety and maximise tight budgets. They also need to consolidate data from their shielding programmes to understand who is included in the programme, where those people are, the services they have received and the cost of those services to date.

Adatis have created a Rapid Response Analytics solution which will enable you to combine siloed data to uncover real-time, actionable data to help combat COVID-19 in days instead of months.

The solution enables local and regional councils to:

  • Deploy a secure Azure based platform
  • Ingest data from multiple on-premise and cloud sources
  • Explore and start querying data to uncover actionable insight
  • Provision laboratory and exhibition areas for data scientists
  • Visualise data in clear reports in PowerBI which can be share shared internally and externally


During the COVID-19 pandemic, Adatis have worked with the Cabinet Office to help build a data platform to assist the business support element of the of the government’s coronavirus response. This involves taking data from the webforms where business’ offer support in terms of medical products such as PPE, and testing or non-medical services such as hotel rooms and transport. This data is processed and distributed to various applications/parties where it is used to support the government response as well as for reporting and analytical purposes in Power BI.

Adatis are here to support organisations through this difficult period by providing the tools and data they need to combat Covid-19, as well as how they reimagine their way of working as they start to look to the future.

Please get in touch via enquires@adatis.co.uk or read our full proposition to learn more about our Rapid Response Analytics Solution and how it could benefit your organisation.