Recruitment Process at Adatis!

Our people are what make us great, so we take the process very seriously while also respecting that you have limited time. On average, it takes about two to three weeks from the first conversation to an offer. We work hard to ensure we create a unique candidate experience, which is why we wanted to let you know beforehand on what it’s like to interview for any role at Adatis.


We work to an SLA of 3 working days. However, on occasions, there might be a high number of applications, which will mean that it could take a little longer than usual. The application will be reviewed by a team member from the department you are applying to, and if everything looks good, our People Team will be in contact.

Quick tip – If you want to stand out, adding a cover letter can increase this significantly!


We’ve reviewed your application and want to learn more about you. We will set up a call with a member of the People Team and someone from the department you are applying in. The call generally lasts 30 – 40 minutes and will focus on culture, personality, skills and experience.

Quick tip – Culture is essential to your success at Adatis. We shout about our culture and values a lot, so we will be assessing whether Adatis is the right place for you, plus it’s the perfect opportunity to make sure our way of working aligns with yours.

So, if the call goes well, we’ll invite you for a…..


We liked you! The call was a success, and now we want to invite you to one of our offices to meet with you in person.

You’ll be welcomed by a member of our People Team, who will inform you of how the day will go. They won’t necessarily be with you in the interview but will assist you with anything you may need. Then the main part of the interview will start and will be carried out by two team members that you’d work with daily or would be in your department. At the end of the interview, you will meet our People Team again and one of the directors of Adatis.

Different roles will have slightly different formats, but we’ll let you know in advance which one you’ll be doing. There are two main types:

Core Interviews (Sales, Finance, People, Marketing)

You’ll be with us for a maximum of 2 hours. It sounds like a long time, but it will fly by. The interview will be in two parts:

  • Practical test (30 mins): This will be a hands-on, scenario-based test to see you in action. It isn’t a pass or fail test but designed to understand your strengths, how you approach a problem and see how you deal with different challenges.
  • Main interview (45 mins): You will have a chat with key members of your team to discuss what you’ve done, why you’ve done it, and what you’ve learned while doing it. It’s a chance for us to get to know each other on a more personal level. How long this bit lasts depends on how well the conversation is flowing!

Tech/Consulting Interviews

This interview can last up to 4 hours. Before you think ‘Woah, that is a long interview’, please remember we only have a 2-step process opposed to other companies that have 3, 4 or even 5 steps! So rather than bringing you in for a second time, we like to get everything done in one go! Now that sounds better, right?

So, this interview will be in three parts:

  • Technical Test (60 mins): A hands on-test to see you in action. The test will typically be on a laptop using the tools you’ll use in your role. It isn’t a pass or fail test but designed to understand your strengths and see how you approach a challenge.
  • Main interview (90 mins): Same as above
  • Presentation (10-15 mins): You’ll be given a choice of topics (your recruiter will share these with you before the interview) and will need to prepare a brief presentation. This is to evaluate how you are at standing up in front of people and sharing.  Bear in mind we’ve interviewed hundreds of people, so we like to see new and different things!


If all goes well, you will be receiving a call from our People Team with the good news. We generally get in contact within two working days, but sometimes it can take a little longer, so please bear with us.

However, if it didn’t work out, don’t worry! Just because it was a ‘No’ this time, shouldn’t stop you from applying again in the future. If it was due to not having enough experience, give it a few months, develop your skills, and come back. We’ll be sharing feedback about why we weren’t quite right for each other and very happy for you to ask for more details on any of our reasons.

So now that you know what to expect, why not head over to our Careers page and start applying!  We are looking forward to meeting you and wish you the best of luck!