ProClarity and Reporting Services reports in a PPS Monitoring Dashboard

So I was going to do a post on displaying a reporting services report in a PPSM Dashboard but then realised then that the PPS team had already done that:

And then I was halfway through a post on how a Proclarity view works in PPSM when the PPS Team posted one on just that!

Hey guys – leave some for us!! 😉 Just so you haven’t completely wasted your time reading this, here’s a couple of additional points:

  • Multi-select filters don’t work with multi-value parameters in RS. It only passes the first item selected through to RS.
  • There is no concept of cascading filters in PPSM v1 – The dev team know this is much requested feature. So far we’ve got around this by using a multi-select tree filter and the promise of a fix in the next version!!
  • Your don’t need to define anything particularly in your Proclarity to be able to connect a PPSM filter.  Just connect a filter that contains valid members from any dimension in your cube.  I know Alyson has mentioned this in her post but quite a neat feature I reckon
  • If you have a slicer on the background – this will still display within your PAS view as shown below:

Proclarity Slicer

  • Remember to consider RS/Proclarity security and kerberos related implications depending on your PPSM security config and environment (Another post coming here i think!)

Using these two report types lets you get around a few of the “still to come” features of the built-in analytic chart and grids such as:

  • Customise chart colors – (PC/RS)
  • Use a secondary Y axis on a chart (PC)
  • Use SQL stored procedures as a datasource (RS)

Lastly Nick B has just done a great post on how parameters work with a web page report. This opens up pretty much endless possibilities…