PPS SP1 and SQL Server 2008 RC0

So, one of my previous posts I explored using PPS with SQL 2008 Feb CTP.  Now with the release of PPS SP1 and SQL RC0, I thought a perfect time to re-test the installation.  With a complete new installation of Windows Server 2008, SQL 2008 RC0, and PPS SP1, the testing has started all over again.

The installation of SQL 2008 goes smoothly now, and very easy, as does the installation of PPS and PPS SP1.  However the issues come in after installing all of PPS and then attempting to configure PPS Planning (Monitoring to come later this month).

After Installing SQL 2008, you will also need to install the following items from the SQL 2008 and SQL Server 2005 feature pack:

  • Analysis Management Objects 9.0 (SP2)
  • SQL Server Native Client 9.0
  • ADOMD.NET 9.0 SP2

After installing of these, we can now get the pre-requisite page, and also allows the use of the relational part of SQL Server 2008, however Analysis Services still does not accept the SQL 2008 instance, after much investigation, it does not seem possible to install PPS, even with SP 1,  to use Analysis Services SQL 2008 instance.  With much regret, I have currently installed an Instance of SQL 2005, just Analysis Services.   This allows the install the complete.

Now many people have said that the 2005 Instance can be upgraded to SQL 2008, however I have found that deploying a new model site, still fails once upgraded to SQL 2008. This investigation will continue.