PerformancePoint Planning Staging Fact Load Validation

PerformancePoint provides a staging database to load data into.  Data loaded can be validated within the staging database before synchronising to the main application.

Below is a quick description of the validation steps performed – it could help feed into an ETL specification – if any of the ‘rules’ are broken validation will fail and the main application model cannot be synchronised.

Foreign Key Checks
All foreign keys must reference dimension members that exist.

Leaf Level Checks
Can only load leaf level facts unless the Business Process member is set to MANADJ or FXADJ.

Header Accounts
Facts cannot be loaded against accounts of type ‘Header’

Business Process Members
The following Business Process members are calculated and cannot be loaded:

Time Data View
Facts can only be loaded against the ‘Periodic’ dimension member.

Currency Checks
Input Currency must match Entity currency unless you are loading against the FXAdj Business Process in which case you can specify a different currency.

Flow Checks
The following Flow members are calculated and cannot be loaded:
– FX

Account Type/Flow Checks
No Flow is allowed on Income Statement/Profit and Loss and Non Financial accounts.

Flow is required for Balance Sheet accounts.

Intercompany Checks
Entity, Intercompany and Account dimension members must all have appropriate Entity and Account types, that set the ‘Intercompany’ member property to true for all Intercompany facts