PerformancePoint Server and SQL 2008

So after many hours looking into this issue, it seems that the current release of PPS does not work on SQL Server 2008, and there seems to be no tricking it.  PerformancePoint Server and SQL 2008  – Should you manage to get round the install checks, while setting up the Database Connections to SQL and Analysis servers, the versions are checked once again, and the door is currently closed.

In the mean time, SQL 2005 will still work!  SQL 2008 is still due to Launch SQL 2008 in February, however it now looks as if the RTM (Release to Manufacture) will now not be until Q3 of 2008 – so we are unlikely to see,even early adoption

until July time.  Microsoft see  SQL server 2008 as a critical step forward towards their “broader vision for business intelligence”, so I think we can be rest assured that PerformancePoint will be integrated before release date.

In the mean time I will update you with any further developments on this, and will continue testing with further CTP’s and patches.