Katmai (SQL Server 2008) CTP Installation

While installing the latest CTP release for SQL Server 2008, I came across an odd installation error.  It was one of those errors that is less than helpful, as follows:

TITLE: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Setup


Upgrade Failed due to the following Error.The error code is :-2147467259.Message:Unspecified error


The install package had installed everything but the end client components and tools!  Most frustrating, and the only thing I could do was see what would install and what wouldn’t.  The problem is, the whole installation process takes so long!

After retrying this install numerous times, it seems that it thinks it is being upgraded, although there is no instance, and never has been an instance of SQL Server 2000, or SQL Server 2005.  However, I do have Visual Studio 2005 installed.  After removing components and re adding them, I seem to have identified the problem; it will not install with Business Intelligence Development Studio.  So Installing SQL Server 2008 with out this component included works no problem.  However this will cause a problem as I will be needing BIDS.  As and when I find out how to install it I will add it to my blog!

Hope this helps any of you out there who are experiencing the same problems!