PerformancePoint and Windows Server 2008

Well, the testing has continued this week after having issues with SQL 2008 with PerformancePoint, I rebuilt one of our test servers with the Latest Server CTP.  Obviously as I am keen to always know what Microsoft are up to in as many areas as possible, so I thought it wise to install Server 2008 with Hyper-V.  Now this seems like a great idea, however, it seems that this particular version is only available as a 64Bit variant at the moment, and they do not make that all to clear while installing.  So after installing this, and SQL server 2005, as to test PerfomancePoint on Server 2008, it seems that the version check for Windows fails, with is not ideal.  This seems to be solely due to the fact that it is a 64 Bit version.

So, the next step is to try the Install with the NoReqCheck option ( post on this can be found here ), now this does actually get PPS Server to install, however the configuration will not run.  I have not tested the 64 bit version of PPS on Server 2008, as it seems that Pro Clarity 6.3 is ONLY 32 bit. PPS 2007 currently doesn’t offer the Analytics Component that Pro Clarity 6.3 offers. I’m sure, however this will be released in the next version of PPS 2007.