Planning a PerformancePoint Planning Implementation

There is a useful spreadsheet (what other format would it be!?) to assist in the requirement gathering and the planning of the implementation for a PerformancePoint Planning Application.

It’s a strange mix of high and lower level detail but it does ensure you capture and at least think about each element of your application and the business requirements it should satisfy.  It’s a useful starting point/stake in the ground although some of the questions will require much more thought and analysis behind the scenes than others.

The main topics it covers are:

  • Completing an Impact Assessment
  • Application, Model, and Model Site Planning Considerations
  • Model Type Planning Considerations
  • Dimension Planning Considerations
  • Currency Translation Planning Considerations
  • Data Loading Planning Considerations
  • Business and Process Planning Considerations
  • Reporting Planning Considerations
  • Business Rule Planning Considerations
  • Model-to-Model Association Planning Considerations
  • Diagramming the Application