PerformancePoint at the MS BI Conference

As Sacha has mentioned, he, Jeremy and I will all be attending the BI conference in less than two weeks time in Seattle.  Last year was a great chance to meet some of the BI community and attend some really good BI sessions but was (unsurprisingly) a little light on PPS content.  This year we’re overloaded with sessions and it’s going to be a tough choice of which to attend with at least one and often two or three potential sessions in every time slot.  A couple that have caught my eye:

Advanced Dashboard & Scorecard Design Techniques just one of a number of sessions that Alyson Powell Erwin (Monitoring Product Manager) is presenting – those of you who read the Monitoring forums frequently will know that Alyson has the answer to most of the questions raised.

Office PerformancePoint Server 2007 Planning – Implementation Tips And Tricks – a chance to hear how other PPS teams have gone about projects.

I’ve no doubt Jeremy and Sacha will be going to see Michael Bower and Scott Sebelsky present Financial Consolidation with Office PerformancePoint Server 2007 as well as numerous other Planning specific sessions.

This is just a taster – take a look at the session list and plan your diary.  On top of this there’s some great SQL BI sessions, as well a chance to get a look at MDM – hopefully they will filming lots of the sessions as last year.

We’re also hoping to meet (in person) as many of what’s becoming a really strong PPS community, do make sure you come up and say hello if you see us around.