MS BI Conference 2007 – Day 2

It was confirmed that Katmai will definitely be released in 2008 – Also found out that yesterdays announcement that MS had bought SoftArtisan wasn’t entirely true – they have only licensed the technology.  It “could” be included in the Katmai release.  The rumours are that Reporting Services will be the most radically revamped part of the release.

Couple of good sessions in the afternoon from TK Anand and

The evening’s entertainment was at the Experience Music Project for the Conference gala dinner. We spent the evening chatting with Nigel Pendse who was actually a really down to earth guy and very approachable. He has his opinions on things but he tells it like it is.  Got some valuable insights into the BI world and who’s going to be acquired next. He was tight lipped but did let on that Cognos Objects might be the next consolidation of our ever shrinking market