MS BI Conference 2007 – Day 3

Steve Ballmer’s speech was something of a disappointment.  We got seats early so Sutha could sit close to the front and get a taste of what life will be like when he takes over as CEO from Steve in a few years.  There was no dancing around the stage, no whooping and hollering and just a load more standard blah.  No exciting announcements as we were all expecting and a load of weak questions in the “Ask Steve B” section. Rubbish really

Kirk Hasselden’s MDM session was also very disappointing – the audience was expecting to gain a bit of insight on where Microsoft are going with MDM (or “who are they going to buy”) but Kirk wasn’t sharing anything and lost most people early on with generic blah. We managed to corner him afterwards and he was almost apologetic and admitted that there was loads going down and annoucements would be made within a few months.  My guess is stratature may have some new owners in the not too distant future

So highs: Michael Treacy’s keynote on Day 1 was outstanding, he is without doubt the best public speaker I have ever seen. From a personal point of view made some excellent contact which may help Adatis move to the next step.

Lows: Content of the sessons has been a bit average, definite lack of freebies being given out.  An organised UK session one evening would have been useful
So now I’m all BI’d out and on the way up to Whistler for the weekend for a break that has been a long time coming.