NHS Blood and Transplant Shortlisted for Government Project Delivery Awards

We are delighted to share that NHS Blood and Transplant’s data platform project has been shortlisted for the Government Project Delivery Awards

The UK Government’s Project Delivery Awards are ‘a celebration of the inspirational individuals and teams who deliver complex and ambitious projects across Government’. The awards provide an opportunity to recognise the innovation and dedication of project delivery teams that go above and beyond to improve Government processes and services for the country. Being nominated for an award is prestigious recognition as it highlights the world-class delivery and big impact the project has had on the Government.

We are delighted that a project delivered by NHS Blood and Transplant, with support from Adatis, has been short-listed for the Project Delivery Award. NHS Blood and Transplant Data Insight has been a key project for our team this year, as we supported this healthcare organisation in gaining crucial oversight of its blood donor data, enabling it to make life-saving interventions and improve services to hospitals and donors. The services NHS Blood and Transplant provide are highly time sensitive, so having access to timely, accurate data is crucial.

A quote from the Project Delivery Award short-list describes the award entry:

‘This project aims to make Blood Technology data more accessible and user-friendly, ensuring it is not confined to systems and spreadsheets. The recent blood stock crisis underscored the need for a holistic, data-driven approach, so the team were aiming to reclaim control over data within the NHS, without reliance on external contractors. The project adopted a multifaceted approach, resulting in decreased system load; this reduction in load directly translates into saved lives through quicker decision-making, financial savings through more efficient resource allocation, and a reduction in errors that could have serious consequences. Before this project began, the scarcity of readily available information posed a significant challenge, substantially impeding critical decision-making processes related to life-saving interventions like blood transfusions and blood testing. Successful delivery of this project will mean that assured, integrated data will be used and information can be interactively explored to make informed decisions. It will also mean that the organisation is using industry standard tools and methods to continue its analytics progress.’

We want to congratulate the team at NHS Blood and Transplant for this great achievement. To learn more about our work with NHS Blood and Transplant, you can watch our customer story videos here.