Meet the Team – Matt How, Principal Consultant

Next up in our series of meet the team blogs is Matt How. Matt has been at Adatis just over 4 years and is Principal Consultant

1. What is your role, and what does it entail?

I am a Principal Consultant, and I manage a variety of tasks. I lead project teams to ensure success for the clients. I take an architectural role and design and propose solutions to clients to improve their data processing capabilities.

2. What skills are necessary to perform well in your job?

I think you need to have the right technical know-how and the ability to communicate these concepts to a range of professionals at different skill levels.

3. What do you like most about Adatis’s culture?

I like the family aspect of it. There’s an unquestionable and unconditional support network. Everyone automatically supports and thinks the best for people.

4. What do you like most about your team?

I like that we are communicative with our ideas. For instance, the junior members of the team don’t expect the most senior person on the project to always have the best idea. We all collaborate and listen and challenge.

5. How would you sum up your job in 3 words?

Technical, adaptable and reliable

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