Introducing myself – Chewar Siwaily

I recently graduated from the University of Portsmouth, with a 1st degree class in Economics. The key thing that attracted me to choose Adatis for my graduate job is the emphasis Adatis puts on people development and wellbeing. It is rare to come across a company that puts people first and ensures the team comes before everything else. The fact that Adatis focuses on its employees shows the importance placed on productivity; “a happy team is a productive team”. Having a productive and happy workforce means clients get the best possible value and experience. Furthermore, I admire the supportive atmosphere in Adatis, working in a compassionate and collaborative company is extremely important to me. Adatis’s well motivated and open culture is a recipe for success.

What I want to achieve in my first year at Adatis

For my first year at Adatis, I have several goals I hope to achieve. Firstly, I want to meet everyone in the team and get to know them, both professionally and personally. Additionally, I will familiarise myself with the different departments at Adatis via shadowing and completing tasks in order to understand how each department works and how they contribute to the success of the company. On the technical side, my aim is to self-learn tools and programs considered core by Adatis and use any free time I have to learn additional programs and coding tools. For the first few weeks I will be learning azure fundamentals, SQL server and management, PowerBI and Data Lake. I will also learn the Database Management process from start to end.

The world is currently going through the 4th industrial revolution, and data will play a big role as we move to an increasingly digitised world. I want to work in it because it will become increasingly important to people, organisations and countries in capturing new opportunities, cutting costs and increasing efficiency.

Facts about me

I am a big history nerd and love learning about different historical periods and how historical events impacted the course of history. If I had to eat only one kind of food for the rest of my life, it would have to be Butter Chicken. I enjoy challenging myself and learning facts and topics.

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