Continuous Integration with SQL Server 2016 for SSIS – Updated Template for SSIS Deployment

Recently we had a couple of issues on a project setting up Continuous Integration when working with SQL Server 2016. I thought it was worth blogging this in case anyone else had come across similar issues.

The issue was occurring because we had taken the latest source code for the Integration Services Build and deploy dll’s which have had a couple of new parameters added. These must be supplied otherwise a failure will occur when you try to deploy the project if working with the templates provided in the earlier blog.Obviously the addition of parameters is no bad thing as now we have support for deployment of environments – (for more information on this see this post from Ritchie Lee here : ) However, it does require making a couple of tweaks to the script otherwise it will fail Smile Full credit to Christo Olivier for picking up on this and resolving the issue.

The error

When we were running run a build using the template SSIS Build was returning an error and the build log looked like this :


The error “MSB044: the “DeployProjectToCatalogTask” task was not given a value for the required parameter “Environment””” is actually quite clear – a required parameter “Environment” is not being supplied. However having used the scripts without issue previously it took a little time to determine the underlying cause.

The amendment therefore is to modify the file that you are using for your MSBuild script (referred to in my previous tutorials as SSISDeploy.proj)

Whereas the last line of the MSBUildScript previously looked like this:


We now need to add the following code to the template:


I have updated the previous blog to include this information, however if you are receiving this error and have made a recent change to the dll’s and upgraded to SQL 2016 this is worth checking that this is not the cause.