Can a Shared Resource Model be of Help Now?

We all know that the world we are currently operating in is largely unimaginable from only a few weeks ago. We are all reacting to changes daily and trying to understand how these may, or may not impact what we had considered, until very recently, to be BAU. At the same time, we are likely all considering what support measures the government is putting in place are potentially relevant to our own situations and environments.

Furlough is one of these and an option we know many companies and many IT departments are considering and implementing. But how far do you go and how much flexibility will this give?

We know currently organisations are unlikely to want to make major changes to their operational models. However, you may need some extra support in lieu of reduced in-house capacity or at least have the reassurance of knowing additional capability is available on demand, should something unexpected happen.

How can we help?

As a Managed Service provider, our operation is based on a shared resource model, with the team located in the UK and Bulgaria adept at operating multiple environments and solutions across multiple clients. Much of our focus has been on data analytics solutions. However, our capabilities and experience are much broader, with the expertise to manage and operate underlying infrastructure and desktop environments, providing DBA services to application support across on-premise infrastructure and the Microsoft Azure cloud. We are a Microsoft Partner with Gold Certifications in Cloud Platform, Datacentre, DevOps, Data Platform and Data Analytics.

We also know that at this time, services need to be cost effective and flexible. So even if you would just like to discuss your current requirement and explore whether having access to a shared resource model could provide you another option that you can consider, then please drop an email at