Adatis and Microsoft build Nonprofit Data Warehouse QuickStart

Technology is a powerful tool that can be used to address and help overcome some of the world’s most challenging issues. The right technology can enable nonprofit organisations to be more productive, innovative, and ultimately help to drive greater social impact.

One of the biggest challenges that nonprofit organisations currently face is secure data aggregation and analytics. These organisations often have a significant amount of data, however it is siloed, stored in Excel, or spread across multiple applications that aren’t compatible.

In their most recent announcement, the Microsoft’s Tech for Social Impact team announced the Nonprofit Data Warehouse QuickStart, which has been built in collaboration with Adatis. The Quickstart is a centralised Data Analytics and AI platform focused on the nonprofit sector that addresses the data challenges faced by Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO’s).

The Quickstart solution has been designed to be aligned to an industry standard framework based on Microsoft Azure and Power BI, and deliver a complimentary playbook to support the rollout to multiple organisations with similar data requirements.

As part of this initiative Microsoft has built two scenarios:

  • Standard Quicktart – Cloud Data Warehouse that demonstrates the data movement pipeline from source through to insight.
  • QuickStart with CDM – Enhancing the Standard Quickstart scenario to include a data movement pipeline that utilises the Common Data Model (CDM)

In both cases, the scenarios are deployable from GitHub and include comprehensive documentation that outlines how Non-Profit organisations can extend and operate the solution and move towards production.

One of our Adatis values is ‘Give something back’ therefore we are extremely proud to have collaborated with Microsoft on this rewarding project. To support organisations with their deployment, rollout, and ongoing operation of the Quickstart solution, Adatis offers a set of complementary Services.

What is included in the Adatis Nonprofit Data Warehouse QuickStart Services?

Deployment Service: Provision and configure a secure, dedicated Azure landing zone for either the Standard Quickstart or Quickstart with CDM

Rollout Service: Configure the deployed Quickstart solution for your organisation’s needs including; the how to ingest, model and serve via Power BI, the data sources important to your organisation. The Rollout Service includes a Rollout One Day Workshop to understand your data challenges and specific requirements.

Operation Service: Adatis offer 3 types of Service plan for NDWQ; Essential, Established & Enterprise depending on the level of response and proactive monitoring you require. Our Service plans ensures the QuickStart solution continues to evolve to meet your on-going needs

To learn more about the Nonprofit Data Warehouse Quickstart, please visit GitHub or take a look at the Modern Data Warehouse Webinar Series for Nonprofits or take a look at Microsoft’s Blog.

Are you ready to get started? Please contact us to  find out how Adatis can help you get started with the Non-profit Data Warehouse QuickStart.