Adatis sessions @The Sofia University

This week Adatis had the pleasure to deliver four presentations at the Business Analytics Master’s program in Sofia University.

We talked about delivering BI projects, Data Modelling, Data Science and what makes life at Adatis so unique! 🙂


The students were keen to hear tips and tricks for building a proper Star schema and to see how we construct a data model in a Power BI demo we presented to them.

The session continued with a great summary of the math we need to understand when building a data science model.


We had fun as well by solving an Modern Data Warehouse Architecture Azure puzzle together with the students.

They were challenged to solve a BI data modelling challenge using GitHub and DevOps as a SCRUM tool. Adatis donated a fiction retail store dataset and a Statement of Work to the students. Within a months’ time they will build KPIs, Power BI reports, dashboards and 3 Machine Learning (ML) models according to the SoW which will be presented to Adatis in the beginning of the next year.

They were very friendly and welcoming and impressed by the variety of the technologies we use and the opportunities which Adatis offers to its employees.

The students were interested and keen to engage with us and take their career to a next level after we shared how rewarding and dynamic our environment is.

The lectures aimed to contribute to and increase awareness of Adatis in Bulgaria, present great sessions and encourage the students to learn more modern techs like  Azure, Power BI, DevOps.