Master Data Services Webinars–March and April

If you haven’t yet seen Master Data Services in action or are interested to find out how it could fit into your organisation then it might be worth signing up for one of the webinars that Profisee are running in March and April:

The first two of these (March 18th and April 8th) look at MDS in general, but in particular:

  • Learn the basics of master data management (MDM) and the business problems it solves
  • Realize the invaluable link between MDM and your business intelligence & enterprise reporting initiatives
  • Uncover the key components to a successful MDM strategy and implementation
  • Experience Master Data Services in action with a live demonstration and open questions & answers
  • Determine how Master Data Services can benefit your organization and what you can do to lead your MDM strategy

The second (March 25th and April 29th) are more focussed around the Master Data Maestro product which the Profisee team have developed on the MDS platform.  One of the features of Maestro that stands out is the user interface which, lets be honest, is a little lacking in MDS but there’s more to it than that.

In case you haven’t heard of them before, Profisee was formed by the team from Stratature after Microsoft bought the product from them and turned it into Master Data Services so they know it pretty well!