Scrum Master Checklist

I often use to-do lists to keep track of tasks on paper rather than in my head. I have a Scrum Master checklist that I go through to help keep on top of a project, so I thought I would share this with my fellow Scrum Masters.

They’re all as important as each other so not really in priority order and are subject to change as we learn more.

  1. Are there any immediate blockers that need to be resolved?
  2. What are the highest risks and what can I do to minimize them?
  3. Is anything distracting my team from the sprint?
  4. Are my team uplifted, productive and communicating regularly?
  5. Check progress towards sprint goal
  6. Check burndown -> are we on track? if not, ACTION
  7. Check status of backlog. Do we need refinement?
  8. Is the project budget on track?
  9. Do I need to radiate information to anyone? (project status report, meeting minutes)
  10. Do I need assistance from anyone?
  11. Prepare for Scrum ceremonies
  12. Note any retrospective points
  13. Check in on teams holiday plans

I’ve tried to keep it simple so it doesn’t become a burden but should be enough to cover the ground work. If you have anything else you think should be added, altered or removed I’d love to hear feedback from your experience.