PerformancePoint 2007 Planning – Account Type Crib Sheet

UPDATE:  Version 2 details can be found below (Link updated)

Being a non-accountant type, choosing the right account type for members of the account dimension was a little bit of ‘trial and error’.  After much hair pulling and frustration at my lack of accountancy knowledge I put together a crib sheet to help make some more educated selections.

I laminated a copy and kept it to hand so I could take a sneaky peak every now and again – well, it appears that a couple more people had taken a sneaky peak and have also found it more than useful – considering they are accountancy types it struck me that it is more useful than I originally thought.

image So, as it’s the festive period, and a time for giving; here’s your, for accountancy and non-accountancy types alike, very own, laminated Account Type Crib Sheet.
Just add laminate!


PPS-ACCS.xps (183.94 kb)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !