PerformancePoint Server 2007 Hotfix now available (KB944842)

There is a new hotfix available for Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007 – The details can be found here:

The hotfix addresses the following issues:


  • The property value for a filter does not display the filter selection in a form. Instead, it displays the member label.

    This may not sound that important but the change has quite an impact.  It seems that initially the PerformancePoint Planning dev team treated member name and member label attributes the same and interchanged them throughout the development.  This caused some issues, particularly surrounding filters.  Filters always displayed the member label irrespective of what property value was selected.  This meant that the label field, for filters, had to be meaningful to the user, whereas ideally the label field is a suitable place for the member surrogate key.  Having to make the labels meaningful led to complications around the ETL process and the fact that labels need to be unique.

  • You cannot select the members of a Member View that is used in a Microsoft Excel filter.
  • The page filter tree is always fully expanded when it is opened. This causes performance issues when large dimensions are used.

    Most of the complaints from so far surround performance so it’s good to see some action in this area.  I have a little more detail on some of the future plans for the performance improvements for planning which I will post about soon.


  • If the user has not previewed the Scorecard, the conditional visibility does not work for all languages.
  • When you select the “multi-select tree” display method, the Scorecard is displayed incorrectly for a filter. The Scorecard is typically displayed on an incorrect column.

The hotfix is available through Microsoft Customer Support Services.