Three things I’ve learned in my first year at Adatis

people writign notes next to a Poer BI dashboard on the computer

It’s been almost 12 months since I have joined the Adatis team. Transitioning from working in finance world to IT world can be challenging, especially considering different working style of teams. So today I would like to share with you three key lessons that I have learned in my first year as Data Analytics Consultant in Adatis.

  1. Data Analytics is a continuously evolving, multidisciplinary field

In the grand scheme of things in the Data Analytics world, I’m still scratching the surface. When I joined the Adatis team, I’d had just two years’ experience as an analyst in corporate finance. And compared to constantly evolving big data world, the traditional corporate financial world’s pace of change is much slower. This also applies to technologies that are used every day at work – in the financial sector, when analysing companies from various industries, practically the same models are used, and Excel remains the main tool of work. Thus, to start working effectively from the first day in this industry, all you need is knowledge gained during studies and learning new, modern models, tools or technology is not so much necessary.

The Data Analytics world is, however, completely different. The pace of change in technology used at work is enormous and one must constantly learn new skills if wants to meet the customer needs on transformation and analysis of big data. Almost naturally most developers become more T-Shaped than I-Shaped, especially on consulting side of the business. Being an expert in one field is still vital but being more rounded developer that understands clients’ needs and can help everywhere is gaining more importance. Thanks to this we can develop and implement modern data analytics solutions taking into account existing customer infrastructure and his requirements.

  1. Trust and support in team

We strive to regularly deliver high quality solutions working with an agile Scrum methodology. This means that every two-week sprint we ship part of the final product to the client and do a demo of our deliverable. Agile means that the project can evolve as the business priorities and requirements change. In order to carry out the project successfully given flexible nature of Scrum, the entire team must trust and support each other in everything we do. From a leader to the newest team member, everyone is willing to share or help at any time. That is even more important because as Adatis we work collaboratively with customers, with the flexibility of working on site and remotely. Thus, sometimes there are much less opportunities to have a quick face to face discussion comparing to a team working in the same office.

  1. Authentic core values bring the whole company together

Well-chosen values make work becomes much more enjoyable and effective, and employees can more easily identify with the company and its brand. At the same time authentic core values are essential when it comes to a company’s decision-making process.

During my first year at Adatis every week I have seen everyone living according to Adatis core values. There are regular Company updates (example of “Share and be transparent” value) where we are updated about the company’s current financial performance and overview of the projects we are working on and have coming up. We have various opportunities to give a feedback to the directors on areas we think we can improve throughout the company (example of “Listen and challenge” as well as “Work with not for” values). Plus, Adatis support and actively encourage participation in social events for all employees including Healthy Breakfasts, pool tournaments, quarterly away days and even lunch on a Friday after our Half-hour Huddles where individuals share their expertise in a specific subject.  Adatis also encourage us to “Give Something Back” to community with volunteering opportunities, large scale sponsored charity events (such as the London to Paris and Lyn to Marseille cycle rides) and fundraising opportunities for charities such as Mind.

Most of the nine values and company actions seems to be focused around its main core value “People First” as… it’s not a rocket science – a happy team is a productive team.


Overall, my first 12 months have taught me how effective collaboration, willingness to continuously improve our skills and happy people in team, can have tremendous impact on the quality of work. Adatis creates an employee friendly environment based on its core values. People working here are amazing and extremely supportive on every level. That is why I am really excited for my next 12 months working in Adatis.