Meet the Team – Tris Robinson, Principal Consultant

Today we’re introducing you to another member of the Adatis team, Tris Robsinson. Tris has been with us for 5 years and is a Principal Consultant.

 1. What is your role at Adatis, and what does it involve?

As a Principal Data Analytics Consultant at Adatis, my passion is to help companies make the most of their data; whether this be through Data Analytics Platforms, Data Visualisation, or Data Engineering solutions. I will generally be involved as a project lead and be responsible for the technical solution and architecture of the project. I’ll also work quite closely with pre-sales and discovery to help create estimates for work.

2. What projects have you been working on over the last few months? Share some of the best and most challenging aspects of being involved in those.

Over the last few months I’ve worked on several projects; from legacy ETL migration to data platform and data science builds. Most recently I’ve been involved with the government to support their efforts on the COVID-19 response building a solution to take form data supplied by companies to offer aid/resource. This has been very fast moving but also very rewarding and interesting.

3. What are we most likely to find you doing outside of work?

I enjoy both running and cycling, you’ll often find me at the Wimbledon Parkrun as well as organised events. I’m also a Fulham supporter, and football geek – spending far too much time with fantasy football each week.

4. What advice would you give to someone considering a career in Adatis?

Adatis offers a great platform to develop from both a technical/soft skills point of view. Rather than being stuck in a corporate environment where progression depends upon people around you, you can set your own cadence and ambitions for career development. There is plenty of opportunities to create a real change and really develop yourself as a person.

5. Describe the culture at Adatis in 3 words?

Friendly, family orientated and transparent.

6. What have you enjoyed about working at Adatis so far?

The people, the projects, the freedom to develop and progress your career, the opportunity to be innovative and yes there is a pretty good work-life balance too with a focus on mental wellbeing.

7. What career progression and personal development have you seen at Adatis?

Having joined as a consultant in 2016, I’m now a principal consultant. From a career perspective, I used to always be working with different technologies and often focusing on business knowledge which wasn’t too transferable. With Adatis, this is much more focused on the Microsoft technical stack which means I’m able to become much more knowledgeable and a thought-leader in one particular area. Consulting with different clients each months also keeps things fresh and means you don’t need to rely on so much domain knowledge to become valuable.

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