Meet our 2020 SQLBits Speakers

SQLBits is fast approaching and we have some fantastic speakers lined up for you! In this blog we introduce you to all our speakers, their topics and what to expect so you can make sure you don’t miss them.


Thursday 2nd April

Jason Bonello: Stop waiting to explore your data: use Azure Data Explorer!

See how we can address the problem of real-time analysis, on data in its raw form, without going through the whole ETL/ELT process, using Azure Data Explorer. We will also explore this solution in a demo!

Jason Bonello is a Data Analytics/ BI Consultant at Adatis. Jason has 10 years of experience, working in different roles in information systems, BI and data. He has been part of projects delivering SQL-based, information systems and data solutions in various industries, using both on-premises technology and through on-cloud solutions.

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Friday 3rd April

José Mendes: Deep Dive into the Common Data Model

Deep dive into the Common Data Model world and learn how to deploy, extend and use it along with other Microsoft technologies like Power Apps, Power BI Dataflows and Azure Databricks.

José is a Principal Data Analytics Consultant with experience in delivering Microsoft Azure/ SQL Data Analytics solutions across a range of industries. José is also Co-organiser of the Surrey Data Platform Group.

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Lazaros Viastikopoulos: Successful Enterprise Roll-out of Power BI

This session looks to address how Power BI should be deployed and managed in an Enterprise scenario, along with how to manage business change and what we can do with Power BI to ensure a smooth transition into the new world of self-service reporting. If you are in the process of looking to roll out Power BI or currently in the process, this session is for you.

Laz is the Senior Power BI Consultant at Adatis. He has 5 years experience working in various backgrounds whilst using a variety of different Business Intelligence vendor applications but for the last 3 years has been dedicated to Power BI for converting data into insight and creating interactive and visually appealing reporting solutions. Laz is keen to stay in touch with the community and is very active in attending the Power BI User Group in London.

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Ben Jarvis: Azure Functions and Cosmos DB – A Match Made In Heaven

This session will talk about how you can combine the serverless power of Azure Functions with the flexibility of Azure Cosmos DB to process large amounts of data and gain real-time insights.
We will taking real-time position reports from aircraft across the world, ingesting them into Azure and using Azure Functions to process the ingested data in real-time to output the data in a format suitable for users to visualise.

Ben is a Senior Consultant at Adatis. He has worked across the whole Microsoft stack from .NET to SQL Server, both on-prem and in Azure and has a particular interest in Azure Functions, Cosmos DB and DevOps. His day-to-day work involves architecting and building solutions in Azure that utilise a wide-range of services.

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Sacha Tomey: Breaking barriers with Power BI and Azure Synapse Analytics

Together Power BI and Azure Synapse Analytics can handle huge datasets. This session details how the composite model and aggregation capabilities of Power BI can be used to fully exploit the scale provided by Synapse.

Sacha Tomey is Technical Director and co-founder of Adatis, a Microsoft Gold Partner for Data Analytics and AI.  He has an extensive background in technology, data in particular having delivered strategic enterprise solutions into a variety of industries across a broad selection of organisations

Saturday 4th April

 Ben Jarvis: Operational Analysis using Spark in Azure Cosmos DB

In this session you will get an introduction to Azure Cosmos DB and Apache Spark, learn how they both fit in to the Modern Data Warehouse architecture and see them both in action when performing analysis on data stored in Cosmos DB.This session assumes you have no knowledge of Cosmos DB or Spark and aims to give you a brief introduction to the amazing capabilities that these technologies can bring to your business.

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Piotr Mucha: Simplify your ETL with Databricks Delta Lake

Databricks Delta Lake brings new levels of reliability and transformation abilities to big data solutions. Come and learn how you can simplify your ETL and maximise data consistency and resilience, no matter the size. This workshop would be of interest to anyone that deals with big data or creates modern data warehouse solutions and would like to learn the ways to solve common data lake challenges

Piotr joined Adatis in April 2019 as Data Analyst Consultant and since then he has been developing Modern Data Warehouse solutions using Azure platform. His main area of expertise includes Azure Databricks, Azure Data Factory and python as a coding language.  Piotr is a graduate from Warsaw School of Economics and has previously worked as business analyst in financial sector in Poland.

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